What Wearing Red, Orange, or Yellow Says About You

Ever wonder why changing your outfit can also change your mood? Well, we’re finding that there’s truth to the saying, “you light up the room”. We’ve broken down the color wheel, now read on to see what wearing the colors Red, Orange, or Yellow say about you – and let your true colors shine through!

Feeling energetic today? Ready to take on the world? Throw on some red – try adding red jeans to your denim mix. This color represents energy and calls for action. If you want to be bold and make a statement at first glance, red is the perfect color to get you noticed whether you’re at the office or out and about!

Orange represents your fun-loving side that’s both inviting and friendly. Pull out your favorite orange top or accessory when you’re ready to show the world that you’re looking on the bright side of things and ready to mingle!

You’ll instantly give off a playful and cheerful persona when wearing yellow. Radiating that happy-go-lucky vibe, it’s been proven that seeing the color yellow makes others around you happy too! It’s the perfect color to opt for if you need a mood boost or a little pick me up. Not sure about the boldness of this color? Try yellow accessories for that extra pop of bright.

Need to change your perspective or outlook? Shop buckle.com for all the latest colors, trends and styles.

Leave us a comment and let us know what color you were rockin’ today!

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