Wear Now and Into Fall: Chiffon!

Thinking about putting away your sheer, chiffon tops now that the cooler weather is rolling in? Think again! Chiffon has earned its spot as one of the most versatile pieces in our closet. We know chiffon is a must-have during the summer months – perfect for throwing over a bandeau top or swimsuit – but keep your chiffon around for fall. The lightweight, flowy material allows this fashion essential to live on as a great layering piece – perfect anytime, anywhere. You know we love to find ways to keep our closet full year-round, so here are a few ways to keep sportin’ your chiffon pieces all season long.

When it’s not quite cool enough to bring out a lightweight jacket or blazer, opt for chiffon as a substitute – it’s a great go-to piece while we transition from summer to fall temps.
Try your favorite collared chiffon top instead of a plaid button-up. With an endless variety of prints and patterns, chiffon can act as a bottom layer to add some detail to your look!
Use chiffon as a fashion layer under your favorite sweater, and over your favorite tee or tank to add that extra pop of color to your look.
Chiffon will continue to live as a staple in our wardrobe. Flow freely through the seasons with this lightweight layering piece – get yours today at any Buckle store, or online at www.buckle.com.

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