How to Make Your Jeans Last Longer


The search to find that perfect fitting jean can certainly be an investment of your time and your wallet. As your denim destination, we’re proud to offer you some tips on how you can keep your jeans looking like new!

1) The truth of the matter is that jeans do not need to be washed after every wear. Because denim material is thicker than most, it’s able to shake off many of the daily grime we rub on throughout the day. Reducing the frequency you wash your jeans will help to minimize color loss on those baby blues.

2) If machine wash is a must, turn your jeans inside out and wash in cold water on a delicate cycle. Cold water helps set the indigo dye coloring in your jeans. Hot water and machine drying can cause shrinkage, making your jeans too tight or too short.

3) Machine drying your denim is the number one way to lose the original shape of your jeans. Turn your jeans right-side out and hang dry instead of throwing them in the dryer.

4) If your jeans seem stiff after they air dry, try rubbing the denim together before you put them on – this will loosen up the material.

Dark & Embellished demin – a lil’ extra attention and care:

Dark Denim: Opt for a detergent that offers color protection and does not have a mild brightener as an ingredient, this will help preserve the dark color of your denim. Hang dry your jeans but not in direct sunlight as this will fade the dark coloring just as much.

Embellished Jeans: Many of our guests love rockin’ our denim with embellished pockets and heavy stitching – Miss Me or Rock Revival, anyone?! Be sure to turn them inside out before placing in a delicate wash cycle. Use smaller loads so there is less abrasion from other jeans and clothing. Both tips will help preserve the face of your denim, preventing unwanted destruction, rips and tears.

We hope this helps your Buckle jeans last a lifetime! You’ve got to check out our new Women’s Denim Guide and Men’s Denim Guide live on now! If you haven’t already found the perfect jean, you’re sure to… and if you have, challenge yourself – try a new brand or fit!

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