Looks to Love!

Dramatic romance, dreamy love, special someones, and giant teddy bears – all fantastic qualities brought on by a day dedicated to love. Whether you’re avoiding the thought or counting down the days, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, which means catching a romantic comedy won’t be the only option for the night. Whatever you’re planning, there’s no doubt that this day calls for a specific outfit – shopping trip, anyone?! We’re featuring our favorite looks for the many ways you’re spending your Valentine’s night.

1) Classic Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s your first or fifteenth year with a significant someone, this is a classic look that will work for any of your “date night” plans.

2) Singles Party

Rebelling against the “typical” Valentine’s Day plans? Stand out with a pair of skinnys and heels. Opt for a flyaway cardigan with accents like a statement necklace or glitter belt. This is a look that makes a statement in an elegant way – a perfect first impression for a singles night.

3) On-the-go Date

Is your significant other working on piecing together the perfect night? This outfit is great for the triple-threat combo – dinner, followed by a movie, followed by dessert. A crossbody bag, your favorite jeans, and casual shoes are all go-tos for your adventurous date night.

4) Concert Date

If you have a special event planned, like a concert, you  are definitely searching for a specific outfit. We love layering a crochet vest and top for a more “free falling” look. Head bands and belts are essential add-ons for your memorable night out.

Take a look at our gift ideas for this romance season and Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

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