10 Things You Don’t Know About Buckle

You know Buckle. That place with friendly service and walls packed with product. Your favorite place to load up on denim before every school year. How much do you really know? Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Buckle.

1) Buckle was born in Kearney, Nebraska.
A humble beginning we’re proud to claim. In 1948, we started selling men’s apparel as Mill’s Clothing Store. Now, Buckle can be found in 44 states with over 460 locations.


2) Our name continues to get shorter.
From The Brass Buckle, we became The Buckle, which then led to Buckle. There’s really no significant meaning to this. It’s just kinda funny. The go-to joke around the coffee bar here is that, eventually, we’ll just go by B. (Highly doubted.) Though our name has changed, our mission has lasted the test of time – to create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests.

3) You can shop like a celebrity. 
We call it a “Get Fitted.” It’s a one-on-one shopping consultation. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s free. And seriously, be warned. You’ll step into the store feeling like your usual self, and leave strutting like Beyonce. Schedule a Get Fitted for an entire wardrobe update, or even if you just need a new sweater for the season. Our team will personally make sure you find the perfect fit.

4) We’re serious about providing the perfect fit.
For when you love everything about a pair of jeans, but they’re just an inch too long. Save your fitting-room freak out. We’ll hem them to your length perfection. (And yes, we keep the original hem.)

5) Nothing is off limits.
Remember when you were a kid, and you asked your mom for something. And she would respond, “Not today” followed by an excuse that seemed reasonable at the time. Those days are long gone. If you see something in our stores that you want, we’ll make it happen. If you need a different size, color, etc., and as long as the piece is available online or in any of our stores, you can place a special order to be delivered to your home or to your local store.

6) We have more than denim. Much more.
Walk into a Buckle store, open your eyes, do a 360 degree shuffle. It won’t take long to realize how much stuff we have. Sure, we have over 20 brands dedicated to denim. But we also have a lot of other brands dedicated to a lot of other things. Which bring us to #7 and #8.

7) Over 15 brands you can’t find elsewhere. 
Our private label collection continues to expand, bringing you designs, trends, and styles totally unique from the rest. And they’re only available at Buckle. Check out this interview with the designer of one of our favorite private label brands – Gimmicks.

8) We have more brands than Taylor Swift has chart-topping hits.
That’s a lot. It’s like millions of pieces of different clothing to be exact(ish). Not exaggerating. Literally millions of pieces from nearly a thousand different brands. Good luck not finding something. If you’re in the midst of a style transformation, or in the mood to browse a massively diverse selection, you know where to go.

9) We’re Snapchatters. 
Add us: buckleofficial. You’ll see behind-the-scenes clips, product sneak peeks, and office shenanigans.

10) Your local Buckle store is probably on Instagram. 
Just search “Buckle (city name)” to find them. There may be more than one store appearing in search results – look for the name of your mall/shopping center. It’s a great way to receive style inspiration and new products rolling through your go-to store.  

What did you already know? What was a surprise? What’d we miss? Comment below.

9 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Buckle

  1. Buckle sets goals for their teammates so they have a way of being able to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to grow.

    Now if a guest is shopping for only a shirt, it is only showing great customer service to let them know what else the store has to offer, product and service wise.


  2. What, too scared to put my truthful comment up? Is it untrue that your goal is 2.5 IPT and $120 avg sale? Or that you tell your teammates to go through the entire spg even if the guest says that they only want a shirt?


  3. My daughter & I were in the store in Waterloo, IA looking for a shirt/sweater combination for her boyfriend. The associate working in the store was wearing exactly what she was looking for. He took off the sweater & began looking up the numbers in the computer to see if he could find one for her. He could not find the exact one but found one very similar & was on sale. What GREAT service 🙂 .


  4. Such an awesome place to work at! Shopping with guests is like meeting a whole bunch of new friends everyday!


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