How to find your most perfect jean yet.

We have a soft spot for a simplified jean. One with clean pockets that go with everything. One that brings you just as much comfort as your favorite pair of yoga pants (yes – we all have them). Jeans you just feel GOOD in.

Here are a few things to look out for while picking out the perfect pair:

  • Leg opening and fit. We carry a wide variety of styles across multiple brands so you’re sure to find your best fit yet. Need it baggy? Grab a boyfriend jean. Want to look pulled together? Go with a skinny high waisted jean.
  • Fabric. Depending on your preference for stretch, we have everything from 100% cotton to 360 degree stretch. Remember those yoga pants? Yeah, we don’t either.
  • Details. Just because your jeans are simple, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. We love ripped jeans because they add so much detail while sticking to that original “tried and true” aesthetic. Besides, messy is kinda cool.
  • Color. Basic jeans don’t have to be blue. They can be dark, light, and anywhere in-between. The beauty of simple jeans is that they are more about an attitude than they are about fitting a mold. Let your personality shine!

Check out our Shop by Outfits to get style inspiration on how to outfit your favorite pair of basic denim. Tell us which pair is your favorite!



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