Blue Lokai: Gives back to clean water projects.

This post was originally published in 2016. The Blue Water Lokai bracelet is no longer available from Other Lokai bracelets are available on

There are 663 million people in the world who live without clean water every day. That’s nearly 1 out of 10 people worldwide. Now, image you are one of those people. Waking up before the early morning sunrise, you forge through harsh environmental elements in the pursuit of a basic human need. You’re not just collecting water for yourself, but supplying water for your whole family – meaning you’ll be making multiple trips. You are no longer spending time to earn an income or grow food, but rather to survive.

Lack of time isn’t the only problem clean water can fix. Clean water helps keep kids in school. Children who do not have access to clean water spend time away from the classroom to help their families, especially girls. Clean water helps empower women, and it saves thousands of lives through basic sanitation.

That’s why Lokai made the blue water bracelet. A Lokai original that donates a portion of the proceeds to fund clean water projects in Ethiopia. To support clean water initiative and get your own Water Lokai bracelet, find your local Buckle store today.


For more information on clean water, please visit charity: water.

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