When in doubt… Velvet

Much like coconut oil, velvet makes everything better. It’s plush, and heavy, and feminine, and has a hint of luxury which lands it at the top of the most coveted editorial lists.


T-shirts, body suits, bags, even boots; we’re all buying whatever velvet is having.


Since we are in the giving mood (and all of us want it so badly) here’s a look at a bodysuit that’s hitting stores later this week.

Amazing right? (yes)

Even better, it’s under $50. Definitely making it on our wishlist with this necklace.


Laying it down for you, literally.

Accessories aren’t even safe from our obsession. We had a moment of appreciation for how cool this Steve Madden backpack is. Again – killer price point at $78.


The best argument for velvet is perhaps how easily it can be applied to other top trends. Even your favorite plaid gets better with a touch of velvet.

Go out and conquer… in velvet of course.



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