St. Patrick’s Day: Survival of the Green-est

If you stood in front of your closet debating the pros and cons of St. Patrick’s Day and the slight possibility that no one in your workplace would wear green, or even worse that EVERYONE would wear green and you would be the stick in the mud.

You weren’t alone.

men's drinking tees with green color scheme
Buzz Green Beer Tee, Buzz Shamrock Tee, Buzz Drinks Well With Others Tee

So this is a guarantee that you won’t be a stick in anything, because you will be too busy enjoying the finer things in life.

Green food, green beverages, green face paint maybe?

green-themed men's clothing lay down for St. Patrick's Day
Brooklyn Cloth Reverse French Terry SweatshirtSAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs, Stance Aleppo Socks, Oakley Sunglasses

At the very least green boxers – although, we will admit we harbor some negative feelings toward the person who shouts “I’m wearing green underwear!” just as we’re going in for the pinch.

Commitment issues, holiday edition.

St. Patrick's Day lay down with white and green piped Pinch t-shirt with shamrock detail, camo print Free People shorts, paired with tennis shoes and a green hat.
White Crow Pinch Tank, Free People Camo Shorts, Timberland Flannery Shoe

The best part of army khaki becoming the new neutral is that March 17th is less obnoxious visually.

Seriously, we would wear this outfit any day, it just makes the most sense today. Pinky promise.

Longevity and versatility, not necessarily the words that come to mind when planning your St. Patrick’s Day wardrobe, but hey – it’s not easy being green.

neutral lay down of pieces with St. Patrick's Day in mind: left to right, grey dress, grey and white jeans, green denim shorts, green patterned tanks, green purse, green printed socks, camo print shorts, green t-shirts and tanks, green and gold necklace
RVCA Swing dress, RVCA Moons Tank Top, Billabong Camo Print Tank Top, Sandals

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