Men’s Packing List For Ruling The Road

Man wearing Affliction t-shirt driving camper van headed out on a road trip with friends.

So you’re heading out on a road trip. Time to rule the road and own this vacay.

Headed to the coast? A camping trip? The mountains?

Wherever you’re headed… It’s bound to be a good time.

But before you Departwest, eastbound, or down. Let’s take this suitcase from this…

Empty vintage suitcase ready to be packed, with clothing from Buckle, for a friends road trip.

…to this.

Vintage suitcase packed, with men's clothing including Hurley boardshorts and a trucker hat, a RVCA tank top, and Hey Dude casual shoes, for a road trip with friends.

Step 1: Boardshorts and lots of them. You could practically live in these things. So stock up.

Clothing for a vacation laid out, including boardshorts, tank tops, and shoes.
Men’s Hurley Boardshorts.

Step 2: Comfy shoes. Check out the Hey Dude Wally Shoe -it’s like a boat shoe and slipper combined.

Other good go-tos? Sneakers, slides, and flips.

Man wearing grey lace-up Sanuk casual shoes standing on a tree stump.
Men’s lace-up Sanuk shoes. Similars here.

Step 3: Tees please.

Five men's t-shirts, in colors orange, teal, red, light blue, aqua, and navy blue, hanging up.
Classic pop-of-color go-to tees.

Step 4: Add friends and enjoy…

Group of six friends, wearing Buckle clothing, hanging out during a BBQ meal at a restaurant.
Men’s Short Sleeve Collared Shirts.
A young man and women, wearing Buckle clothing, playing cards with each other while on a friends camping trip.
Men’s American Customs T-Shirts.

Group of six friends, wearing Buckle clothing, hanging out around the fire and playing cards, while on a camping trip.

== Happy Travels ==

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