“Rehash Your Trash” Gallery – Celebrating Our Earth

Our offices have been thinking a lot about Mother Nature.

Between Earth Day last Saturday and celebrating Nebraska’s Arbor Day today, you could say we’ve been dreaming of different ways to protect our home.

A dream that began with old, worn items and ended with upcycled treasures to love during our annual Rehash Your Trash event.

Check out the gallery below and let us know how you rehash your trash in the comments below!

Marshmellows on an old wire hanger.

Not a fan of wire hangers? Turn your old hangers into marshmallow roasting sticks for spring bonfires and summer camping trips.

A burlap sack turned into a bar stool cover.

Get an instant update to old bar stools when you use an old burlap sack as a new seat cover.

A painted rock with an intricate, India inspired design.

Art that actually rocks… (OK, we shouldn’t have, but we did.)

A sun painted on a pallet.

Or maybe an old pallet is your kind of canvas…

Either way, we’re loving all of the creative pieces our teammates completed.

Kind of like how we love an air plants ability to be more low maintenance than our Sunday afternoon plans.

Air plants in cute jars.

But seriously… how cute are these?!

For more DIY project ideas, check out our most recent post here.

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