Band Tees: A Tale of Two Friends and Good Music

In case you’ve been too busy hopping concert halls and hanging VIP (in which YOU ARE FORGIVEN), 80s band tees have once again become quite the hot commodity. 

Whether you’re belting inspired ballads like Don’t Stop Believin’ or gettin’ down to a little Def Leppard, we understand that reliving the days of big hair and neon is still a guilty pleasure the mass majority* admits to.

Including us.

Image result for girl raising hand emoji *<–  (That’s us.)

To help share in our love for music and good times, our friends Jess and Sarah are here to dish on Spotify favorites and, most important – friendship.

Band Tees At Buckle

How did you two meet?

Sarah: In one of our design classes, since we were the same major.

How long have you been friends?

Jess: We’ve been friends for a little over 2 years. Probably closer to 2.5.

You were once roommates. Tell us a good story.

Jess: I actually don’t remember a FAVORITE time, but the videos, pictures, and memories make it seem like we really enjoyed ourselves.

Band Tees at Buckle | A Tale of Two Friends

Common interests. Do you have any and if so, what are they? 

Sarah: Graphic design is the obvious one… other than that we like about the same music. I feel like I’m always stealing songs off her Spotify haha. Also facemasks and movies are a big one. Can’t get those enough!


Jess: I consider myself more conservative with money, but I think Sarah is definitely more conservative. Online shopping (and shopping in general) holds a very special place in my heart. ❤

Using three words, how would you describe Jess?

Sarah: Chill, fashionista, workaholic

How would you describe Sarah?

Jess: Sarah is a determined, hardworking soul that laughs at my sassy, ridiculous comments.

A Tale of Two Friends | Band Tees

Your playlist what’s on it?

Sarah: A better question would be what’s not on it. I feel like I listen to just about everything. Right now I’ve been pretty obsessed with Kaleo. I love indie rock artists like Lana Del Rey, Alt J, and Milky Chance, but definitely have to listen to some Eric Church once in a while.

Favorite genre of music?

Jess: I love me some alternative-punk-rock-grungy-goodness.

If your style was an 80s band/musician, who would it be?

Sarah: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Possibly Debbie Harry, I aspire to that edgy look that every 80s musician seemed to have. Also her hair was always fabulously messy.. kinda like mine!

Who’s the band hero – drums, guitar, bass, or lead singer?

Jess: That’s hard. Lead singer ft. his/her side-kick, le drummer.

Band Tees at Buckle | Two Friends Share Music, Fashion, and Friendship

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