Tuesday Tips: The Best of Sweater Weather

Pumpkin spice and everything nice – that’s what fall is made of.

As trends ebb and flow and the seasons melt into each other, fashion followers can all rejoice about the consistency of #sweaterweather.

Sign us up for the season of pieces reminiscent of our beds and favorite pjs.

Pieces that are hibernation friendly (or going out friendly, if you catch us before 8 p.m.).

Pieces that manage to style themselves, like some genie made out of a cotton-blend.

Gilded Intent plaid sweater paired with Levi’s Mile High denim.

I would argue that it’s relatively easy to get excited about a great dress. You know the one with that well-placed cutout in the perfect shade of emerald green that brushes your leg just below the knee but before the ankle.

Sweaters simply don’t get enough credit.

My argument is this: sweaters don’t need a reason to shine. They are consistently the best option. It becomes less about the event and more about the life of the sweater itself.

The perfect cardigan will get you through tailgates, date nights, and everything in between – which makes that perfect dress a little more of a “meh” dress, if we’re being honest.

Coco + Jaimeson open weave cardigan layered over Gimmicks top (coming soon!) – paired with Levi’s Wedgie high rise jeans.

It’s the outfit combination that some may think would eventually grow stale, but it’s 2017 and our love is just as strong as it was circa 2012.

Our favorite? A cropped silhoutte paired with a metallic ankle bootie. What can we say, we love a little something more.

BKE Striped sweater with Flying Monkey mid-rise skinny.

We will own up to taking sweaters and their cuddly nature for granted, but, we know deep down they are the glue that holds our October-March dreams together.

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