Ultimate Pairings: Outfits & Events

The quickest thing to deter me from going out is feeling like there is not an article of clothing in my arsenal worth showing off.

While admittedly, that’s a totally irrational fear since I have plenty of outfits that can “wine and dine” in my very full closet – let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The holidays are all about seeing the family members and friends you’ve failed to catch up with in the last 365 days, and then the select group that sees you on a routine basis that you’d like to convince you have it together.

Let this be the holiday season we have it together.

Timing shredded sweater layered under the ultimate vest (coming soon!) and paired with Miss Me jeans and Puma shoe.

Regardless of what you read about navy and black or white and Labor Day – there are no rules when it comes to getting dressed.

If you like it, wear it. And while I love pajamas as much as the next person, I really like to channel comfy in the way of oversized knits and micro fleece over pieces, I think the above outfit supports these feelings.

Also, I literally took lunch at 10:30 a.m. the day these Miss Me jeans came out so I could get to the store before my size sold out.

It’s a priorities thing.

BNCI Metallic Moto Jacket paired with Daytrip’s Gigi Top and Olive & Pique Panama Hat  (must have)

As far as that holiday sparkle, can we agree that metallic might make more sense than glitter?

Just thinking longevity, and for my cat’s sake. Blush is the color palette of my life right now, and this jacket has made itself right at home as a capsule piece in my winter wonderland wardrobe.

Plus, you need a hat – because inevitably Grandma will want to host Christmas the morning after your girlfriend gift exchange, and who has time to shower?

Sneak peek at the coolest jumpsuit ever coming ASAP, paired with the Cityclassified Weekend shoe.

And finally – the big one.

Feeling pretty never looked so seasonally appropriate. Your beau will agree, I promise.

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