Meet the Interns

We would argue that Buckle is a pretty great place to work, but we are biased. It all comes down to the people who pull everything together behind the scenes and in our stores. 

Included in that, our summer interns. 

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to have this incredible group of young women to lean on, learn from, and have on our team! Now, time for some introductions.

The fashion forecast is full of menswear, and we love how Emily added some feminine touches.
Stoosh Plaid Blazer // Grehy Metallic Tank // Billabong Shorts // Steve Klein Platform Sandal

Meet Emily. Style Intern & Floor Leader back home!

Hometown:  Jacksonville, Alabama

College:  University of South Carolina

Favorite memory working in the office?
Doing a summer BBQ/4th of July shoot on location! It was my first shoot for Buckle, mostly tagging along and observing, but so much fun. We created a little mock grill and picnic scene in one area and then a “Baywatch running through the water” scene and it turned out amazing. It was almost unreal for me to be a part of something that I know my store team would rave about when seeing it in emails or on social. I LOVE IT.

Describe your style using emojis:  💃🏽 🐚🌾 🍷


Fashion pants take on a whole new meaning with these beauts. Vertical striping = legs for days
Willow & Root Top // David + Young Hat // Angie Wide-Leg Pant

Meet Andrea. Style Intern

Hometown:  Caracas, Venezuela – and now Miami, Florida

College: Florida State University (GO NOLES!)

What are your go-to styling pieces?
I can’t live without sunglasses (cat-eye, preferably), high-waist bottoms because they always make you look good, unique bikinis (I try to find ones made in Latin America), midi length dresses that make you look like you have legs for days, and of course, statement shoes!

If you had to sum up your intern experience in three words, what would they be?  Inspiration. Creativity. Excitement.

Overalls are the comeback kid of summer and we love seeing them paired with bodysuits!
Levi’s Vintage Shortall // Free People Bodysuit // Free People Bralette

Meet Amanda. Buying Intern – Fashion Tops

Hometown:  Cary, North Carolina

College:  University of South Carolina

What is your favorite part of working for Buckle?
The work we get to do is so amazing. We are able to give our input into the different designs and fits of each piece of clothing in order to make it perfect and trendy, rather than just picking out items from vendors and keeping them as-is. It makes it so we are all able to add our touch of style into our products and create a truly unique piece of clothing.

Advice you’d give someone who wants to be an intern for Buckle?
Distinguish yourself from the others! The best part about this job is that we make a huge impact on what gets put out on the market, so with your own unique style, Buckle will look at you as a huge win for the position!

Styling flares with a patterned top is a no-brainer for summer.
Willow & Root Polka Dot Blouse // Flying Monkey Flare // Most Wanted Belt

Meet Elli. Buying Intern – Women’s Denim

Hometown:  Kearney, Nebraska

College:  University of Nebraska – Lincoln

If you had to sum up your intern experience in three words, what would they be?  LIVING – THE – DREAM

What is currently in your Buckle cart?
I have a “Bride” tee and a light wash Flying Monkey flare ready to be picked up from the store today! I am so excited to rep Buckle’s new arrivals on my day full of wedding dress shopping!

Favorite memory from the office?
Probably my first day! It was so fun to be welcomed by those I had worked with at the store, teams I had shadowed over the years, and buyers I had yet to meet! Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely excited for my overlap. It hasn’t changed since that day!

Your favorite day dress just got an update with pairing a super soft tee underneath.
Obey Disco Tee // Billabong Pink Floral Dress

Meet Sarah. Product Development Intern

Hometown: Omaha, NE

College:  Mercyhurst University and the Fashion Institute of Technology

What are your go-to styling pieces?
Earrings are a big one for me. I love to wear simple shirts and soft tees with funky earrings. They can spice up any outfit.

What is your favorite part of working for Buckle?
The people. Everyone is so happy with their job and so enthusiastic about what they do, which provides such a high level of energy at work. In addition, everyone makes you feel so welcomed, which may seem small but it’s a special one. There is nothing better than feeling important at work.

Two top trends in one top - you can't go wrong with ruffles and stripes.
Gimmicks Striped Ruffle Top // KanCan High-Rise Denim // My Delicious Wedge

Meet Audrey. Buying Intern – Accessories

Hometown:  Fairfield, Illinois

College:  Kent State University

All-time favorite movie?
How to Steal a Million starring Audrey Hepburn

If you had to sum up your intern experience in three words, what would they be? Exciting, educational, collaboration.

Describe your style using emojis:  😊 💁🏻‍♀️💃🏻 🌹



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