Fit Guide: BKE Denim for Men

Let’s face it, jeans aren’t the easiest item to buy – but our closet wouldn’t be the curated outfit destination it is without them. So, we are here to make navigating denim fits manageable, not overwhelming. We want to help you find jeans that fit you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

This post is all about highlighting the O.G. of Buckle denim, BKE. We call it our classic brand, but the detailing is constantly being updated and the fits are only getting better with age.

BKE Alec full look
BKE Alec // BKE Henley // Puma Pacer Sneaker

Meet Alec:

Not tailor made, but they fit like it. Alec is the slim fit you dream of. As in, soft denim that moves with you without losing its shape throughout the day.

Oh, and with straight and tapered bottom openings, your new shoes are sure to get some extra (and deserved) attention.

BKE Aiden
BKE Aiden // BKE Vintage Button-Up // Fossil Watch // Outpost Boot (coming soon!!)

Meet Aiden:

If you are in the market for jeans that make you forget you’re wearing jeans, this is the guy for you.

Aiden is one of our core slim fits for BKE, and has made quite a name for itself in the comfort department. The biggest difference you will notice between the Aiden and the Alec is when it comes to bottom opening: Aiden is a true bootcut with an 18″ bottom opening.

More room for activities? Sign us up.

BKE Jake
BKE Jake Stretch Pant // Buckle Black Hoodie

Meet Jake:

Not everyone loves the sound of “slim fit” and for you, we have a little something special. This is the Jake, falling into our regular fit category. All this really means is a little more room from the hip to your knee and then to the ground – a 19″ bottom opening compared to Alec’s 15″.

These may just qualify as your new everyday jeans – and for good reason. They look good, they feel good, and in case you didn’t notice in the picture above – they come in KHAKI (and skinny, and straight).

Not convinced? The BKE fit fam doesn’t end here. If you are looking for relaxed fabric through the legs, try the Tyler. He has been with us since the beginning, and has been proven a guest-favorite time and time again.

Oh, and if you want a head-to-toe exclusive Buckle look – consider it done.

BKE Outfit
If you are looking for your go-to outfit, well, we found it: BKE Henley // Outpost Makers Haansel Boot


For the ladies out there:

Fit Guide: BKE Denim For Women

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