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10 Things You Don’t Know About Buckle

From our culture, to our services, to tips and tricks on ways to save – there’s some things we think you should know about Buckle.

We’re spilling it all and you’re definitely going to want to read this because we’re even busting a few shopping myths along the way.

Here’s ten things you don’t know but should know about Buckle:

1) Buckle is one of America’s best employers for women
In Forbes’ first-ever and current ranking of the Best Employers For Women, Buckle ranked 82 out of the 300 companies who made the list. Forbes’ ranking identified companies with the most gender diversity among their executive officers and board of directors. As well as identified companies who best supported women in areas important to them – such as pay equity, advancement opportunities, and family leave.

2) Our stores have huge career advancement opportunities

Buckle Training

Kari Smith, Vice President of Buckle Stores, coaching new leaders at a company training conference.

As a company that rewards performance and provides ongoing development for our teammates, when it comes to hiring for store management positions and store/sales management positions above the store manager, we only hire people from within the company.

That’s right, everyone from our CEO all the way down to store managers all started by working in a Buckle store. So when we say there’s growth opportunities, we really mean it. Want to hear more about these opportunities? Just watch this video where our teammates share why they love their job.

3) Buckle is the ultimate denim destination

Buckle Denim.jpg

Buckle carries denim from over 20 brands, but the options don’t end there! From extended sizing to the recently-introduced men’s Big & Tall sizing, to multiple options in fit, rise, and leg opening – there’s a lot of denim possibilities. And we haven’t even began to talk destructed denim vs. clean denim or light washes vs. dark washes, but we think you get the picture. Want to see all these denim options for yourself? A good place to start is our Women’s Denim Shop and Men’s Denim Shop.

4) Buckle sells jeans for under $40
Breaking the myth that all Buckle jeans are crazy expensive is KanCan and Reclaim. New women’s KanCan jeans start at just $39.95, and new men’s Reclaim jeans start at just $39.95 as well. Plus, brands like Sneak Peek and Daytrip offer jeans for under $50 and there’s always a huge selection of sale denim.

5) You can buy an entire outfit for under $100 at Buckle

Fall Outfits Under $100

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to buy an entire outfit for under $100 at Buckle. Just see the blog post where we share fall outfits for under $100. Need more proof? Here’s the formula for getting a Buckle outfit for under $100:

Jeans under $40
Shoes under $35
Tops under $25
Outfit Under $100

6) There’s ways to get free shipping
Want free shipping? Well, there’s a few ways to go about that…
If you’re shopping on buckle.com, just use Ship to Store to have your order shipped to your local Buckle store. Pick up your order in the store and voilà you’ve got yourself free shipping.

Now, if you’re a Buckle BLACK or Buckle EXCLUSIVE cardholder or have signed up for our fashion box service called buckle SELECT – then you always get free shipping! 

7) The more you shop, the more you save!
Get this – we have two Buckle Rewards programs and you can be part of both! This means double the points, double the rewards, and double the savings. The two rewards programs, Buckle Guest Loyalty and Buckle Card B-Rewards, both offer one point for every $1 spent, and for every 300 points earned in either program, you get a $10 reward to use on a future purchase.

What really sweetens the deal is the double and triple point promotions that are offered throughout the year! Let’s just say the points can really add up. Now, when you combine both of these reward programs with all the shopping tips in #4, #5, #6 – you’ll really be piling on the savings.

8) Your shopping experience means everything to us

Buckle Customer Service.jpg

Our mission statement is to create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests. This means things like attentive teammates to help you in our stores, and complimentary services such as free hemming on jeans, and free gift packaging in stores.

Speaking of attentive teammates, want help building an outfit or picking out the perfect gift? Need a different size while standing in the dressing room? Just ask a teammate and they’ll be more than happy to assist, because they’re there to make your shopping experience be as easy and enjoyable as possible. Which brings us to #9…

9) We offer complimentary personal styling

Buckle Personal Styling Session

Have you ever wanted your very own personal stylist? Someone to put together outfits for you, come up with the perfect combination of clothing pieces, and let you know about all the latest trends? Enter our complimentary in-store personal styling sessions, where you get a one-on-one consultation with a personal stylist. Just call your nearest store to schedule a session, and arrive to a dressing room filled with outfits personally selected for you. During these sessions, the hard work is done, just show up in the store and head straight to the dressing room to see a dream wardrobe all laid out for you.

10) Buckle has a fashion box service

Buckle Select

Can’t make it in-store for a personal styling session, but want the experience of having a personal stylist? Or, maybe you just prefer the convenience of a subscription box service? Well, you’re in luck because Buckle does have a fashion box service! It’s called buckle SELECT and we think it’s better than all those other box services. Why? Because buckle SELECT has no styling fees, no minimum purchase amount, no required subscription, and there’s always free shipping and returns.

Basically, it’s a completely customizable fashion box service. Just let us know your style preferences and we’ll match you with a stylist. Then, your stylist will send buckle SELECT boxes with items personally selected for you whenever you like! Want to try buckle SELECT? Share your style preference with us here to get started.

Whew, you still with us? Thanks for reading!

Let us know in the comments below which tips and tricks you’ll now be using.


  • Kenzie

    I absolutely love shopping at the buckle but I have never gotten an outfit for under $100. EVER. And I’ve been shopping there since I was 16. So I have no idea if the people that help me shop want my money but there’s no way I ever walk out of there with a full outfit under $100.

  • Andy Locke

    You have a manager working at one of your Dallas Stores, (Andrew Aldridge ) I just can not say enough good things about this Manager !! He along with his team are very professional, I feel so at home going in this store to shop, I just love the positive attitudes each employee shows.

  • Anonymous

    Tallahassee Buckle has the best team lead by a great manager.

  • Anonymous

    That's what we like to hear! Thanks for being a loyal customer!

  • Anonymous

    Buckle sets goals for their teammates so they have a way of being able to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to grow.

    Now if a guest is shopping for only a shirt, it is only showing great customer service to let them know what else the store has to offer, product and service wise.

  • Anonymous

    My daughter & I were in the store in Waterloo, IA looking for a shirt/sweater combination for her boyfriend. The associate working in the store was wearing exactly what she was looking for. He took off the sweater & began looking up the numbers in the computer to see if he could find one for her. He could not find the exact one but found one very similar & was on sale. What GREAT service 🙂 .

  • Anonymous

    you have pretty,and well trained confident managers at the Hutchinson store!

  • Anonymous

    Such an awesome place to work at! Shopping with guests is like meeting a whole bunch of new friends everyday!

  • Meredith Grace

    Don't forget our two month layaway for only 20% down and Buckle card! Save 10% on your first purchase AND earn rewards! (;

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