KanCan Signature Line Exclusively at Buckle

At Buckle, we’re all about exclusivity. From the way we treat our guests, to the brands and styles we sell, we want you to feel like you’re a part of an exclusive style experience.

When it comes to offering the latest trending brands, being exclusive gets a little tricky. But we always find a way to give our guests what they deserve. So without further ado, we introduce KanCan Signature, only available at Buckle.

KanCan Signature Jeans only available at Buckle

We know everyone loves their KanCans, and we don’t blame them. KanCan offers a mix of high-fashion trends at an unbeatable price (starting at just $39.95). But if you know us, we like to take what’s trending and make it even better.

Our KanCan Signature line offers exclusive styles in a mix of fits, featuring the latest in denim trends with improved quality. You can expect unique styles, trend-setting details, and an impeccable fit with just a slightly higher price point (but it’s so worth it).

Let’s do a little comparison, shall we?

Better Details

KanCan Signature Jeans with Hem Details
Left Leg: KanCan Jeans // Right Leg: KanCan Signature Jeans

New Labels & Buttons

KanCan Signature Exclusive Jeans
Top: KanCan Jeans // Bottom: KanCan Signature Jeans
KanCan Signature Jeans Buttons
New KanCan Signature Custom Buttons

Improved Fabric & Fit

KanCan Signature Jean Comparison
KanCan Signature Jeans (Left) KanCan Jeans (Right)

We’ve always been a KanCan fan, but now KanCan Signature offers better fabrics, better fits, and better style that you can only find right here. 

Not to mention, the new line is available in all rises including ultra high, and Kurvy mid-rise and ultra high.

So basically what we’re saying is, #YesYouKanCan love this brand even more than you already do.

Shop KanCan Signature Jeans

Shop all KanCan Jeans

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