Top Trends of 2018

A lot can happen across a year, and 2018 was no exception. Looking back, there were some trends that made this year really stand out, and our closets better because of them.

Loafers are one of our top trends of 2018
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This past year, mules ruled supreme. We fell in love with their ability to work for nearly every occasion, and their slip-on-and-go style.

From summer styles that incorporated leathers and cut-outs, to their transition to winter months complete with faux fur and heavier fabrics –  the mule captured our heart in a big way and 2018 wouldn’t have been the same without them.


Almost exactly twelve months ago, we took a look at our closet and resolved to add a little more pattern into the mix.

We had some fun with this one, playing with color combinations, stepping away from florals, and adding a little something extra to some of our favorite silhouettes. As the winter months settle in, we are still loving a little pattern play. Two of the most recent pieces we had to have, the willow & root cutout top (hello, NYE!) and that Free Generation sweater that put a new spin on a classic animal print.

A good hair day just got a lot easier thanks to hair accessories trending this past year.
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This year was also the year we said ‘see-ya’ to bad hair days. Coming to our rescue, the resurgence of hair accessories from decades past. Think scrunchies and scarves, and even a few headbands – this year we spent less time fussing about hair and it. was. EPIC.

After a year dedicated to the skinny - we were ready to mix it up in 2018, which is where the flares snuck into our top trends list.
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Talking about resurgences, flare jeans showed up to the party this year, and in a big way.

Our denim-obsessed hearts are happy to take a closet staple and run, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to miss out on these high rise KanCans. Think taking an everyday essential and getting her ready for the best night out – that’s how we feel about flares.

We took a walk on the casual side with fashion pants - without having to compromise on a polished look.
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As we embraced cropped-everything, we discovered a new-found appreciation for high rise pants – fashion pants to be specific. Proving that a pant can be both functional and fashionable, we have styled them with everything from band tees to sweaters mastering the day-to-night transition seamlessly.

Faux Fur - top trend in 2018
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Ending our trend countdown on a high note – the warm fuzzies, literally. From sherpa pullovers to faux fur detailing, 2018 was the perfect year to stay warm and look good doing it.

While there were a lot of highlights in 2018, we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

Here’s to a New Year, new trends, and a little shopping along the way.


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