New Military and First-Responder Give-Back Brand: Howitzer

Howitzer is a Military and First-Responder Give-Back Brand

There’s a new brand at Buckle and it’s quickly becoming a guest favorite.

The military and first-responder give-back brand, Howitzer, which is named after artillery used by the military, is a brand built on the same foundation of our great nation.

The belief that we are all created equal with certain unalienable rights – among these rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Howitzer says there is price to pay for these liberties. And so, honors all those who are willing to stand for them, fight for them, and sacrifice for them.

Howitzer donates 5% of proceeds to non-profit organizations supporting the heroes that sacrifice to protect our liberties. These heroes being our military, police, and firefighters.

Those who wear Howitzer can resonate with the military, police, and firefighter symbols and messages found across the line of t-shirts and tank tops.

Patriotic phrases such as don’t tread on me, home of the brave, and Molon Labe (a classic Greek phrase meaning come and take them) and graphics like the American Flag, Kryptek camo, and a ready-to-strike coiled rattlesnake can be seen across the t-shirts in support of our military.

The familiar single blue or red stripe, along with phases like blessed are the peacemakers and respect for red, don the t-shirts in support of police and firefighters.

Howitzer has been right at home, among the many give-back brands at Buckle that support the military. We’re thrilled to have them in our lineup and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Your purchase supports Wishes For Warriors, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, or the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Saluting Our Military

Buckle salutes our military and shows our appreciation for their service by offering a year-round 10% military discount to all active duty and veteran military members, spouses, and dependents. Go to to receive your military discount or learn more.

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