A Guide to Labor Day Style

labor day style, transition from summer to fall

Summer’s last hurrah is right around the corner, and the last thing we want to do on our three-day weekend is spend it worrying about what to wear.

While it’s admittedly upsetting to embrace the end of the season typically spent poolside, we have found a few reasons to look forward to fall, mostly being the new arrivals coming in now.

So, whether you are hanging on to your white pants just one more weekend, or if you are running arms open wide into sweater weather – we want you to have the best Labor Day yet.

Personally, we are finding ourselves in the second category mentioned above. For us, sweater weather knows no bounds – especially when that sweater looks something like this.

Making this outfit a home run for weekend activities – the ultra high jeans. Perfect for all of those yard games on the agenda.

While we are on the topic of backyard hangouts, this top immediately comes to mind. It’s just the right amount of effort that really requires no effort at all, and gives us an excuse to swap out our white jeans for that favorite black bootcut we’ve had waiting for us in our closet.

It may be a personal opinion, but we hate to think of a three-day weekend that doesn’t end with pizza and the people you love most.

So, keeping in mind that we may have to transition from day to night – we are grabbing our favorite hoodie and settling in for the long haul.

The unofficial end of summer is here – what are you wearing?

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