Behind the Lens: BKE Spring

join us behind the lens to learn more about our spring bke campaign shoot

For those familiar with BKE, you know the brand is all about attitude. How you select your go-to pieces, how you style those pieces, and the confidence that follows.

So, when we started planning our spring refresh for BKE, it made sense to select a location with just as much attitude, as much grit, and as much appeal as the brand.

Cue the desert outside of Las Vegas.

A plus side for our team, a chance to swap the below freezing temperatures of the Midwest for a few days in the upper 60s – which is very much welcome come the heart of winter.

The team woke up bright and early, making the hour drive from their hotel to the set – watching the sunrise and the shadows in the mountains change through the day as the light warmed up everything it touched.

The set itself was something new to BKE, leaving behind our motel landscape and opting for an old mining town instead. There was no denying the feeling of history as soon as the team stepped out of the rental and started to get familiar with their surroundings.

An unintended prop that had it’s fair share of use, dust. Our stylist, Jess (one of the coolest, we assure you), would literally use dust to bring more of that lived-in feeling to the clothes (maybe even when a model was already wearing them).

Maybe it was the history talking, maybe it was the Jess-induced dust, or maybe it was just the result of a great team in a great location full of mini sets, but everything just felt cooler. Felt true to BKE.

From the Midwest, to Vegas, to the desert, and back again – just in time to welcome spring in a way you’ve never seen it before.

Forever living the BKE mantra, it’s your life. Live it.

After all, it’s Vegas baby.

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