Men’s Fall Denim Trend Report

We all know that moment. The one where you walk outside and the air feels just a little bit cooler, you notice the leaves aren’t as green, and you decide it may be time for an extra layer and new denim. The moment when fall truly is in the air.

As we prepare for those cooler temps and the changing of the leaves, we’re hitting refresh on our denim selection. Adding some new, on-the-rise trends to the mix and giving your go-tos an update will have you ready for all the moments to come.

Black WAshes

This is the wash that truly does it all. It will take you from a casual day out to a night out with friends – and what more could you want?

For that casual everyday look, add some destruction (another trend, but more on that later) and pair with a hoodie. For a refined look that’s ready for a night out, simply swap out your destruction for a clean style and your hoodie for a sweater.

Color Details

To us, color in fall fashion just makes sense. With pops of color everywhere you go from the trees, to the pumpkin patch you’ll inevitably visit, to the earlier sunsets, it’s hard not to draw inspiration from it all.

Take this pair of Crysp Denim for example – its color detail can’t help but remind us of the leaves as they change from green to vibrant yellows and oranges.

Style tip: Pull out the color in jeans even more by matching it to your shoes.

Dark washes

Taking more cues from mother nature – as the leaves change to darker colors and the sun starts setting earlier, why not darken up your denim too? Swap out your lighter washes for medium and dark washes then pair them with all of your flannels and darker colored tops – they were practically made for it.


If there’s one thing you need to know – and one thing you’ll see all season – it’s destruction. An obvious trend even in this post, lived-in details will be everywhere for fall. Whether it’s front and center, or tucked away on the back pocket, this detail will have a place in all your style moments.


(looking for our women’s trend report? we’ve got you.)

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