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Sip on Summer

Yields1 Serving

Tropical Splash

 ½ oz Jalapeño infused simple syrup
 1 ½ Limes(cut into quarters)
 12 Jalapeño slices(try 3 for some extra kick!)
 1 ½ oz Pineapple juice
 2 ½ oz Sparkling water (or silver tequila for anyone 21+ who wants a true margarita)

In a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, add the quartered limes, simple syrup, and jalapeños.


Gently mix it together for about 30 seconds – this will release the juices and oils for a flavorful experience.


Pour in the sparkling water (or tequila), pineapple juice, and ice then stir.


Fill your glass with ice and double strain the drink into it.


Garnish your glass with a pineapple, jalapeño, or lime and just like that you’ll all set to sip on summer!