Men's Shorts Guide 2019

Men’s Shorts Guide 2018

We’ve updated our guide:
2019 Men’s Shorts Guide

We’ll keep it short. We pride ourselves on having a little something for everyone, and shorts are no exception.

So, here we are. Prepping for whatever you have planned in the upcoming months, from graduations to campfires to pools – we want you warm-weather ready.

First up, fits.

Here’s the breakdown:

Introducing the tailored fit, with a slight taper from thigh to bottom opening.

Tailored short paired with BKE Henley and Cobian flip.

Tailored:  This is for the guy that wants to feel polished but casual. A little more of a fitted style, you will notice slight tapering from the thigh to the bottom opening.

Standard:  Your everyday go-to.

Why change what’s not broken? These are the denim shorts that have ruled your summer for the last decade, with a few tweaks to freshen them up.

Athletic:  Go ahead and let loose, literally. These shorts are providing that extra length with a loose fit from thigh to knee.

Next, let’s talk fabrics.

We know that can make a big difference with how you feel, and maybe even where you wear your shorts. That being said, we focused on finding options that are comfortable across the board. Not only that, but we made sure to bring in some prints that will quickly have you searching out the nearest pool and an umbrella drink.

Pool search, commenced.

Unfortunately, board shorts can’t be worn everywhere, but hybrid shorts can. The perfect balance between active and event-worthy, you may never want to take them off.

Finally, lengths.

Not everyone likes surprises, especially when that surprise means a little unanticipated skin. That being said, we have a breakdown by outseam to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Let us help find the shorts for you, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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