Athleisure, Take II


While some of us have already abandoned our hopes of a six pack in 2017, there are a few holding strong to the idea of a bettering ourselves. While we aren’t sold on the idea of eradicating cheese from our diet, we are feeling more at home in the gym. Our yoga pants are seeing […]

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Fresh Style Finds: Meet Blake


“Philosoph”, wordsmith, aspiring Indiana Jones (his words, not ours), Blake’s list of interests are well, everywhere. Sitting down with him for a cup of coffee (or tea), you’ll probably talk about anything from 1980’s Lakers basketball to 19th century German history.

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Transition your closet from winter to spring


The yo-yo of temperatures is enough to drive anyone mad… or to revamp their closet. But before you complete a total over haul of you’ve built this winter, let’s think about pairings. We have the go-tos. The spaghetti and meatball options if you will. The ones that are tried and true and always work. Black on […]

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Quinn & Copper Facebook Giveaway


Good things are reason for celebration. A jewelry launch is reason for a big celebration. Something like, we don’t know… giving away a dozen pieces on Facebook?

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Fast and Furious by Affliction: Enter the Sweepstakes


Everyone loves a good sweepstakes, and we’re here to deliver. Teaming up with Universal and Affliction Clothing, you and a guest have a chance to win a trip to The Fate of the Furious movie premiere in NYC and get styled for the red carpet when you enter the F8 Red Carpet Sweepstakes*. And, if […]

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Valentine’s Day: All the Single Ladies


You can’t blame us given the recent developments that include, but are not limited to, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement. Moving on. Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Period. No one is telling you it has to be for a significant other. After all, we all know that even significant others slip up from time to […]

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Valentine’s Day looks for Men


You’re a guy. You’re single. Your February 14 plans are anywhere from watching the latest Bob’s Burger episode while simultaneously throwing down a Big Mac to repping your team in a “not-so-friendly” game of Madden with your bro.

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Tuesday Tips: Master the ripped tee


Purchasing destructed clothing is a slippery slope, but here we are again. Standing in front of a ripped tee, asking it to find it’s way to our closet. So, now that we are past introductions, we are to the pivotal moment of introducing your new love to your mom, your dad, and your girlfriends. Which is […]

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Style envy, mom edition: Meet Chelby


Moms. Often the unsung hero, and often the only hero we really need. People often joke that motherhood isn’t the most glamorous job, and we get that. But somehow, between the sticky fingers and emptied toy box, moms manage to be just that. Glamorous. So, here we are. Talking about a mom of two here […]

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