12 Days of Gifted.

🎵 On the first day of Christmas, Buckle gave to me….expert advice from our styling team. 🎵

We’ve curated a special list of stocking stuffers and must-haves for the gifting season. Spoiler alert! You get to see all 12 days here, which means you’ll be the best gifter around – so this seems like a ‘can’t lose’ situation.

What makes you the best gifter? You have to give something that truly has meaning. You must respect the Mariah Carey, ‘Merry Christmas’ album from 1994. And last, but not least, you must be savvy about your holiday shopping.

And ok, we get it, you aren’t going to get a Le Cruset baking dish that your aunt requested from Buckle, but we can offer you some great gifting ideas in place of that.

His Button Up // His Boot // Her Sweater

The best part about 12 days of gifted is that it can be for you or for them. Like the photo above: you may want a sweater for yourself, and gift a watch to your significant other.

It may seem weird to gift denim during the holidays, but it’s actually very pratical. How often have you heard your grandparents tell you that ‘back in their day, they didn’t pay for jeans with holes already in them’. Yeah, we’ve heard it a thousand times too – so guess what, on your wish list is Day 2 our clean, non-destructed denim.

Seeing any favorites as you glance at the sneak-peek?

For us, every year demands a new ugly sweater. And although this is categorized only under our men’s section, we challenge our gals to give these sweaters a chance. They’re festive, playful & *tbh* way too comfy!

It’s pretty magical that these items can come together to create an amazing 12 days of December. So whether you’ve started your holiday shopping, or are maybe just now thinking about it – we hope our 12 days of gifted will inspire you to give the best, heart-felt gifts around.

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