2023 Valentine’s Day Outfits

It’s that time of year again! The time to reminisce on good memories, on hard laughs, and on moments of support. It’s the time to simply just ‘be’ with your favorite person and celebrate Valentine’s Day with love… and style.

The best thing you can wear on your Valentine’s Day date is confidence! You look great when you feel great, so find true-to-you styles that reflect who you are and let you glow from within. These styles were hand-picked to help you celebrate the love you have and share with others. No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans are, go out looking and feeling your best. Remember these outfit ideas are just ideas, tweak them to what feels right for your body, and truly fall in love with your Valentine’s Day look.

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Her

Denim Made for Date Night

Regardless of your plans, don’t let Valentine’s Day be just another day! Our first look takes inspiration from the joy and whimsicality of love. Playing with bold patterns, we start with this statement-making top ready for a daytime walk in the park or coffee date. Following the trends, the top is paired with light-wash, ripped jeans that call back to the lighter features in the shirt’s pattern. To complete the outfit, BRIGHT red booties designed to stand out on Valentine’s Day.

These styles can be mixed and matched to make your Valentine’s Day special. The top can be tucked-in or used as an over piece for a more neutral shirt that pulls from the pattern. The denim can be swapped for whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. So, that means, if destruction isn’t you, try clean, classic jeans, jeans with hem-details, or trousers. However you want to style this look, make the day special by wearing an outfit that says anything but ‘this is just another Tuesday.’

Show out when you go out

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to dress up for the one you love (and yourself!). This outfit is inspired by romance. Start at the top with intricate lace, mixing pattern and texture in a way that leads the eyes to the neckline – a great way to highlight statement earrings. Pairing the form-fitting, black top with these ruby, wide-leg pants not only creates a perfect, contemporary look but also allows you to have some fun with your footwear, bag, and accessories.

If this look doesn’t scream ‘you,’ try pairing the top with your choice of denim, a leather skirt, or another bottom that suits your style. These pants are perfect to help you play with color, pairing the wide-leg pant with a different, trendy top with accents of red (or even a t-shirt, if you want to dress it down) would be a vibe of its own. Remember, accessories really make your outfit yours, so however you take inspiration from this look – let it reflect you from head to toe.

Valentine’s Day outfits for Him

Go Ahead with that Reservation

If you’re looking for a casual, yet Valentine’s-ready, outfit for a daytime date, look no further. Start with a button-up, detailed with colors that nod to the warm pinks and reds Valentine’s Day is known for. Dark-wash jeans are always an effortless way to elevate your style, and comfort is key for footwear. You never know when a lunch date will turn into a long walk with great conversation, so it’s important that your style is comfortable to keep you ready to take the next step.

To mix up this look, or to help it really reflect your style, add accessories that you love. Finding a watch, belt, or hat that makes you feel your best (and keeps you on time) can elevate the whole look!

Dressing up for a night out

Whether you’re going out to dinner, a movie, or you have an entire romantic evening in mind – start the night by looking your best. This outfit features elevated elements to show the time and attention you put behind dressing up. The sophisticated button-up uses pattern to play with neutral colors and the darker buttons make it perfect to pair with dark-wash jeans. The boots pull the whole look together contrasting the dark pants and echoing the lighter color from above.

If you aren’t quite sold on this specific look, take inspiration from the patterned button-up to find one that feels more in line with you. You can pair a button-up shirt with dark-wash jeans (like the inspiration), black jeans, or khaki pants. It’s important to look and feel great, so find your favorite styles to dress up for your special someone!

The best way to dress on Valentine’s Day is to dress confidently. So, this year, make sure your style reflects you. Spend some time getting ready and really treating yourself. Put on your favorite outfit with all the accessories and top it off with the perfect fragrance. Celebrate the time you get to spend with someone you love (and do it in style)!

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