3 Spring Style Tips for Her

Spring starts here! But it doesn’t end here. We know spring is for finding adventure. So, wherever spring takes you this year, start with some simple style tips. They’ll work for any outfit and will help you navigate a closet refresh for spring. 

Starting things off – the key to every great outfit (and for once we’re not talking jeans) – confidence. Regardless of what your personal style ultimately looks like, it’s all about feeling good about what you’re wearing. So whether that means justifying a new top, maybe a new favorite pair of shoes – or yes – even some jeans – we want you to feel good about where you’re headed this spring.

Now, let’s get to our three spring style tips every woman should know. 

Tip #1: Two Prints Are Better Than One

Fortune favors the bold! And our favorite bold trend for spring is mixing and matching prints. It’s a perfect way to express your style in a unique way, while welcoming in the sunny season with fresh designs and pops of colors. 

Pro Tip: Mixed prints don’t always have to be on two separate pieces. 

Tip #2: Play the Color Game

Spring colors are meant to be played with! Two schools of thought here. Find a statement color and build an outfit around it. Or, layer on several different colors to add levels of fun to every spring outfit. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to accessorize! Accessories can be a great way to add pops of color to any outfit this spring. 

Tip #3: Boots Aren’t Seasonal

You heard it here first! Boots are for spring, too. Of course, we’ll be wearing sandals and warm-weather-friendly shoes. But we’re also keeping a couple pairs of boots in our spring closet. Pair them with denim shorts and you’re ready for any spring adventure. 

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