5 New Denim Trends For Spring

5 New Denim Trends For Spring - Buckle

It’s an exciting time in denim!

Never before have there been so many options, and with so many styles to pick from, some might say anything goes. The options are pretty limitless, but we’re always here to help you navigate through this sea of blue.

Looking at top denim trends for spring, we know skinny jeans, raw hems, and destructed denim are a thing – and we’re here for them – but we’re also here to make a new denim statement every once in a while.

This season, there’s a handful of styles that catch our eye in particular. Keep scrolling to see which 5 denim trends made our list for spring.


Like a little black dress, or more importantly your black pair of jeans, a pair of white jeans should hold their rightful place in your wardrobe too.

White jeans are a classic spring and summer staple. Still, many people shy away from wearing them because of their sometimes-translucent color. No need to rethink wearing crisp white denim though, thanks to high quality fabrics by yours truly.

Next, the right styling will be key for wearing white jeans with confidence! A lighter colored top will help keep your top and bottom half looking proportional, and lighter neutral-colored shoe will elongate your legs.



Flares have been giving us major ’70s vibes. We’re in love with them and we don’t care who knows it. Not only are flares a major style statement, they’re also really flattering.

The wide leg opening and higher rise helps balance and accentuate your curves. In other words, your legs will look slimmer compared to the wide leg opening, and the high rise will hit at your natural waist (i.e. the smallest part of your waist). And with the hem going all the way to the floor, plus the added inches from wearing heels (highly recommended), you’ll instantly have longer legs.

Trust us. You’ll be feeling groovy in your new flares!


Not quite ready to take the plunge into flares?
Try starting out with bootcut jeans to still get that same leg lengthening and slimming effect.


Speaking of a blast from the past, remember when clean denim was the only thing? Destructed denim has become such a mainstay over the last decade that:

1. It can be hard to find clean denim.
2. Do you even own a pair of non-distressed jeans?

Clean denim is just as chic as its destructed counterpart, and it serves you well in many situations. Clean denim for work? Clean denim for those upcoming spring holidays and occasions (ahem, Easter)? You’ll thank us later for picking up some clean denim now.



Just when you thought you could say “thank you, next” to your denim mini skirt, it comes right back in trend with new denim details that have all of our hearts skipping a beat.

This time around, opt for denim skirts featuring raw hems, added belts, and exposed buttons.



This last pick, comes with a little kick. Perfect as the months get warmer to show off a cute new pair of shoes, cropped flares are one of the newest trends to come on the denim scene.

With a shortened inseam and an ever-so-slight kick in the leg opening, here’s some tips on styling outfits with this new leg silhouette:

  1. For the most flattering fit, make sure the hem of the jean hits right above your ankle.
  2. For an hourglass shape, tuck in your shirt.
  3. Lastly, pair them with a pair of shoes that you want to show off. A heel will always look best.


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