A Case For Getting Lost

Get lost. Wait. Don’t go anywhere yet. We don’t mean “get lost” as in “leave us alone.” We mean “get lost” as in “it’s time to explore some new ways of summer-ing.” You don’t need another reminder that the past few years have been… different. Unprecedented. So this summer, we’re stretching beyond our comfort zones. We’re calling summer 2022 the summer of getting lost. Because we don’t believe there’s a “new normal” yet. We believe it’s yet to be discovered.

Think of it this way. Getting lost is the same as finding a new route you didn’t know existed yet.

Get Lost, Literally 

You don’t have to be helicoptered into the remote wilderness to get lost. Take a walk in your hometown. Wander around until you’re on a street you’ve never stepped foot on before. Find a new coffee shop or restaurant or park or alleyway. Explore every nook and cranny. Remind yourself that there’s plenty of world to see, even if it’s not far from home.

Get Lost on the Internet

Like pretty much everything in life, too much screen time is too much. But this summer, shed the guilt of following a YouTube rabbithole about a topic you’ve been curious about. The Information Age is great because it puts endless possibilities at our fingertips. Just be productive about it. Wanting to learn a new language? Dive in. Click through articles and videos about the history of art. Or get in a time machine and watch music videos from your youth. 

Pro Tip: Give yourself 30 minutes to binge. Then, wrap it up and go outside.

Get Lost in Your Style

We think looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand. Not in a vanity way. But in a confidence way. When you discover a new style you feel great about, you can’t wait to show the world. And in that sense, we view what you wear as an expression of who you are in the moment. 

This summer, we’re trying new things. A new color? A new fit? Refreshing an old favorite with a new twist? All of the above.

Get Lost in a Dressing Room

The best way to get lost in your style? Don’t fear the dressing room. Embrace it. Try on anything you’re remotely interested in.

Get Lost in Good Tunes

Music can transport you. Sure, it’s nice to have playing in the background of a work day. But when you allow yourself to actively focus on it, music can take you to a different place and time. This summer, grab your best headphones and get lost in a playlist.

Get Lost in a Great Read

Books are the original escapism. Whether giving your public library card a new lease on life, heading to your local bookstore, or giving one of our current favorite authors a try. Books and summer go hand in hand.

  • Sally Rooney; The Nix
  • Joan Didion
  • Albert Camus
  • Tonis Morrison

Get Lost in the Moment

Whatever adventure you may be embarking on this summer, do your best to get lost in the moment. We’ve been reminding ourselves that the present is really all we have control over. So take a deep breath and feel the moment. Maybe you’re working on an article about getting lost this summer like we are? Feel your fingertips on the keyboard. Enjoy the words that plop onto the screen as you command them. Happiness feels much more attainable when viewed as a moment instead of a life goal.

Ready to get lost? We hope summer presents you with new paths, and that you find joy in going down them. Let us know how you’re getting lost in the comments, and follow us on social for more inspiration.

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