A Guide to Fall Footwear Trends – For Her

Sometimes staples are just that – the go-to pieces you have to always fall back on whenever building an outfit just seems like too much brain power for the moment. Another piece of being a staple – you’re simply not fully dressed without it.

So, by all accounts, shoes are an undisputed staple. They are essential for every day – and they can bring together an outfit, effortlessly. Something that can be overlooked about these said ‘staples,’ though, is how they can bring the fun, the style, be the outfit itself.

Staples can still be trendy – and this guide is proof of just that. The trends in our favorite category of staples, shoes.

Our favorites for fall, below.

Not Your Average Sneaker

Sneakers are one of those non-negotiables when it comes to footwear and having a good range of options. A classic, through and through – regardless of fitness level or interest at all, sneakers and tennis shoes have just been one of those things you have to have. Within the last couple of years, we have seen the conversation start to turn.

Sneakers are now so much more than your trusty errand-running partner, now they can truly be as expressive as any other piece in your closet. From fun colorways to added hardware, to a mix of textures, and even platform heights, sneakers have become the epitome of high-low dressing when paired with a dress or skirt or, yes, even that favorite pair of jeans.

So this fall, definitely don’t sneak around grabbing a new pair.

Function First Boots

Ahhhh function. While we love shoes that *look* good, we all admittedly need ones that check the other boxes of wearability and seasonality. But, what if we were to tell you that you could have both with SOREL?

SOREL has become a trustworthy go-to for us, especially in the cooler months, when the elements have more of a hand in how we dress. Being able to have a cold-weather shoe that. is both waterproof and on-trend isn’t the easiest to come by, yet you get just that within every style SOREL has to offer. One of our current favorites for the season? This casual boot hybrid that brings the cozy factor.

Bring on the Bling

A little bit of glitz goes a long way, which is why we are fully leaning into the glittery footwear trend. What was once reserved for bachelorette parties has now made the transition into every day when paired with more casual, lived-in pieces – and we are on board completely. Yes, still perfectly suited for a night out, we are seeing the glitz trend make its way onto more silhouettes and styles, especially for the fall months.

Boots with bling? Yes, please.

From the Sole

A comeback that we have completely dedicated ourselves to, that identifiable thick, black sole that brings an element of cool every single time.

Dr. Marten’s are the 90’s favorite that has made their way back into our hearts – but not in only the traditional silhouette that may be the first to come to mind. From added buckles to a Chelsea style to something more of a true mix of fashion and tactical – Dr. Marten’s is branching out, and so are we.

Re-Think Western

The Western trend continues to rule supreme over our hearts going into fall and winter but now we’re at the point where all of the rules are thrown out the window and the real fun begins. Example A, the boots above.

Western can mean workwear, genuine leather, concert chic, and now, a whole lot of fashion.

So, what we’re trying to say is, don’t be afraid to step outside of the typical application of the trend – fall is truly a season for fashion and where self-expression becomes even more of the narrative for getting ready.

This fall, have some fun. And start with the shoes.

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