All Together Now

There’s something about spring that feels similar to a big exhale. Followed quickly by a refreshing inhale, of course.

It has something to do with the natural lightness that comes as the sun spends a bit longer in the sky, and a few less layers are required. And the best part, the new lens that seemingly gets applied to even the things you’re most familiar with (closet, looking at you).

All of that makes it that much better to re-invest in yourself, to build up your confidence to supernova status, letting it shine without hesitation.

Spring is also a time of fashion. A time where even the staples adopt a little statement, and your favorites become an unspoken uniform. With all of the new, it’s easy to get excited, and even easier to get inspired, as you get dressed each day.

That’s a pretty incredible thing when you think about it.

It *almost* goes without saying that a lot can be accomplished when you’re inspired, especially by the pieces you are wearing since they go with you everywhere.

Suddenly it’s not about that top or this top, but how you are wearing that top styling with those jeans (soon, shorts!) and how that is completely different from how the person next to you would wear the same pieces.

Spring gives you a little more permission to mix it up. To play with colors and patterns that seem pulled off a faraway beach. To lose some length, and try something new.

Maybe you feel a little extra space to shed some worries as everything begins to naturally lighten up.

More time is spent out, less time is spent in – both when it comes to who is around you and your hopes for the upcoming days and weeks.

It really is about that confidence, that unifying, and gravitating factor that brings us together once again.

A true effort to inhale the good, and exhale the rest.

Ultimately feeling good about ourselves, our people, where we are, and of course, our style.

At least, that’s our take on the season. A time to step out, bring on the positivity, and embrace whatever is coming next. We’re just getting started, how about you?

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