Athleisure – Work It Out

In a world where leggings are pants and sports bras have lacy counterparts known as bralettes; athleisure is king.

Or queen, because #queensgetstuffdone.

*sashays away

**looks over shoulder and winks

***continues sashaying right to any place (not the gym)

Styling the best of our athleisure offering with a few of our tried and true favorites breathed life into our week (because, Tuesdays) and our closets.

Appetizer round: varsity striping.

Forget the letterman jacket – what we care about is this acid washed perfection that is reminiscent of a football practice jersey minus the bear crawls.

Next up, main course worthy – that slouchy crew neck.

Add some drama, subtract some shoulder, and – well, we were never really great at Math. However, we are feeling pretty accomplished looking at how put together leggings and inside-out fleece can look.

If you thought we would stop with the crew neck you were sadly mistaken. Introducing our dessert choosing – a personal favorite in a really great transitional color.

Even though most people hit the interwebs with their ‘winter is coming’ hoopla, we’re more so invested in fall – specifically, in making everyone believe in mustard as much as we do.

Whether you are debating patching things up with that friend who ditched you last weekend, or actually going to the gym to do who knows what – these pieces are all for you to #workitout.

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