Heading Back to School In style

The backpacks are packed, the books covered, the pencils sharpened, and the back to school outfits laid out on the bottom of the bed.

The first days of school are here, and we wanted to get in on the fun so we asked our @buckleyouth followers to bring Buckle back to school with them in a way. Those first day photos that make their way onto refrigerators, and into wallets, we wanted to share them as well. Show off our own little community of kids going back to school with confidence, going back to school in style.

And man, did they show up!

There’s something special about heading back to the classroom, back to friendships, back to acing that homework that they (and you, mom) stressed over together. There’s something special about learning that next really cool thing, and them sharing it with you the moment they’re in the door. So, we’re excited to see that pile of books and bags and shoes once again by the door – because there’s something special about knowing they are out there taking on the world and creating what the future looks like.

From our dancing queens (can’t help but LOVE a band tee), to a stan that the Cheetah Girls would be proud of, to our denim lovers in the making – there is no denying that the styled life starts here, the styled life starts with them.

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