Behind the Brand: Tentree

Have you heard about the brand tentree? If you said “no,” we are going to tell you five reasons why you should get to know them… real soon.

  1. Their name stands for the ten trees they donate for every one of your purchases. (They even plant extra to ensure that all ten trees survive.)
  2. The company prides themselves on transparency. Which means you can actually see where your trees are being planted. All you have to do is go online and register with the code you received from your unique tag.
  3. Tentree is international. Your trees are planted in areas that have the greatest need like Madagascar and Ethiopia where forests have been depleted and completely cut down.
  4. The more involved you get with the brand, the more information you’ll receive about your trees and their overall impact.
  5. The best part? Their clothes are cool, comfortable, and on-trend. Save trees and update your closet… it’s a win-win.

Check out some of our favorite tentree shots below and start planting your trees.




Kalalau beach, kauai (2)


Planting, Alberta

A planter works along a ridgeline on a rain day near Fort McMurray, Alberta.

A planter works along a ridge line on a rain day near Fort McMurray, Alberta.


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