Behind the Scenes: Fall Photoshoot

Boise, Idaho. A town so surreal, our photographers couldn’t get enough. After talking with Shannon, our Creative Lead and Senior Stylist, one could sense the appreciation for the pine-needle lined ground and open spaces. Read below for Shannon’s behind the scenes insight.

Tell us what the atmosphere was like.

Boise had a college town vibe with good energy, but it wasn’t until we went into the mountains that I fully appreciated how overwhelmingly beautiful Idaho is. You can’t fully grasp its impact at a distance. Sure, you see the mountains, but it’s not until you drive into them that you feel their magnitude.

From a work perspective… it was laid back and super collaborative. Everyone was open to different opinions. We had a “give and take” kind of flow which makes for a great creative environment.

When you scouted for potential spots to photograph, what kind of locations/places were you looking for?

Overall, we wanted to convey a road trip where friends came together to experience the unexpected so we had two specific location ideas. The first was to capture a low-key, small town. The second was getting natural spots with forested areas for that off-the-map adventure we were envisioning.

Your team used a new photographer. How did he capture the campaign’s mood and imagery?

Our photographer stayed true to images that were “in the moment”. He accurately represented how people live their lives in his photographs, whether that’s hanging with friends, or hiking in the woods. He really connected with the models and took photos as life happened.

Describe the shoot’s energy using three words.

Organic. Untamed. Authentic.

Favorite memory?

Probably getting lost in the mountains in Idaho City. Going off the grid was inspiring. We didn’t have cell service. I disconnected from my phone and connected with being present. When that happens, you get away from what you want the experience to be, and witness what the moment truly is.

If you could tell yourself one thing about Boise before you went, what would you say?

I’ll repeat this… Idaho is overwhelmingly beautiful. The water glitters with small flecks of pyrite in the river beds and the history is rich. I had no idea that more gold was found in Idaho than in California and Alaska combined. I had the chance to learn these things through a few locals along the way – and that’s what I loved about Boise. It’s incredibly welcoming. You can feel the communities pride and respect for their home state, even in one short trip.

















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