Better Denim Starts with BKE

better denim starts with bke. find a range of styles and options for men and women.

There are jeans, and there are the jeans that you live in. The ones that keep up with you, wherever you’re headed, regardless of how many times that direction may change. There are jeans that come already feeling lived in, like an extension of who you are and what you’re about. With just enough detail to keep things interesting, without making a commotion about it.

These are those jeans.

When we talk about BKE delivering on better denim, we are really talking about it all. The full denim package, wrapped with a detail-driven bow. From stitching that is both subtle, but recognizable, to hardware that reminds you ever so quietly that you deserve quality and that quality has a name – BKE – that is the better denim difference.

You can find it in our selection, too. If you’re looking for something with a little more wear and tear, we got you. If you’re looking for something clean enough that even Mom will like them, we got you. How about that almost vintage wash? We got you.

From super skinny to super flare, and everything in-between – we got you. Guys, while we definitely love an argument to put you in a flare, we get that a straight or bootcut is probably more your style – and we have you covered there too.

Better denim means that there are only good options, and no wrong choice – and that’s what BKE denim is all about. Knowing your cards, and playing them well – and never ending up with a bad hand isn’t too bad of a deal, either.

This is better denim. This is BKE.

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Looking to find your fit? Check out our guides for him, and for her.

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