Boots and Socks

When the pumpkin spice latte gets replaced by the peppermint mocha, you know the winter season is coming. And when the winter season is coming, the temperature goes down. And when the temperature goes down, the socks come up. It’s simple science.

There’s no question, you already have boots in your closet. But how’s your sock game?

Everyone loves what socks stand for – warming your feet. And now, they’ve become winter’s favorite accessory. Fashionable and functional at its finest. These socks are like your favorite knit blanket – exclusively for your feet. Just thinking about a knit blanket hugging your toes makes winter sound – dare we say – exciting.

Don’t over think this. It’s a simple fashion art to master. Socks come in a variety of solids, prints, patterns, fabrics, and let’s not forget height. Giving you endless options to accessorize your boot + sock combo.

For being just socks, they have made a wave in styling accessories. What other article of clothing can provide shin flare? Is shin flare even a real thing? Let’s discuss. Check out how we’re wearing our boots and socks. Then, leave a comment below with your thoughts on “shin flare.”

Build the look with our boot and sock collections.

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