Breaking Fashion Rules: Fashion Misconceptions

Over the last few weeks, we’ve loved breaking the rules! As the series progressed, our Communications Manager, Callie, quickly became our go-to expert for fashion rule breaking. So, for the final installment we’re adding a special twist – We’ve asked Callie to dig into her own closet and break a few of her most despised fashion misconceptions! Take it away, Callie!

My favorite thing about breaking fashion rules is that it makes fashion more fun! Who wants to be limited by rules about how to shop and what to wear? I like to get creative with my wardrobe by mixing unexpected pieces and wearing them in unconventional ways. That’s why I’m excited to dispel three of the fashion misconceptions that bother me most!

Rule to break: Horizontal stripes are not flattering.

Actually, when worn properly, horizontal stripes can add balance and interest to an outfit.  A pop of this pattern can be used to draw the eye to areas you want to highlight, and distract from those you don’t!

Stay away from items with only super thin lines (the thicker the better), but don’t be afraid to mix it up with multiple stripe colors, widths, and directions all in one piece. It’s also important to select looser fits so that the stripes bend and fold with the flow of the garment, rather than hugging you in unflattering ways.
Rule to break: Oversized shirts are sloppy.
Oversized shirts are one of my favorite looks! Whether it’s a unisex tee, or a large tank, I love the contrast of a loose top with fitted bottoms and statement accessories. That’s really the key – contrast! Because the oversized shirt is so casual, balance it with bottoms that are more formfitting and dressy like a maxi skirt or slim jean with lots of detail.  Add jewelry that complements the top’s colors, but has a more feminine style.
Last, but not least, my secret weapon for this look is a thin belt worn low on the torso. You can untuck the excess shirt material to gather it above the belt, or you can twist the longer hemline around the belt’s band itself. Not only will this add visual interest, it will also accentuate your waist!
Rule to break: Less is more.
Personally, this is my least favorite fashion rule! It’s true that simple is beautiful, but so are layers! Layers are stylish, they’re functional, and they can be mixed and matched to turn a small number of items into a large collection of outfits.
The best part? Just about anything goes when layering! Simply choose pieces that have coordinating colors and details. You want to showcase the best feature of each piece, so if you love the embroidered neckline of one shirt, and the flowing hem of another, they’ll be a great pair! To avoid bulkiness, keep the layers that are closer to your body more fitted, while your outer layers can have more room and flow. Top off your look with necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories that highlight the common colors in the outfit to pull everything together.
Again, the only rule that really matters in fashion is to have fun! Your clothes should be a reflection of who you are, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! If you’re a newbie to rule-breaking and you need some inspiration, check out our previous rule breaker posts (Mixing Colors, All-over Colors and Patterns, and Rethinking Underutilized Pieces),, our Pinterest, or your local Buckle store!

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