Breaking Fashion Rules: Rethinking Under-utilized Pieces

Once again, we’re tearing down the old notion of fashion rules. If you’ve been led to believe that certain items are only acceptable for specific occasions, we’re about to show you otherwise! It’s time to rethink a few closet staples…

Rule to break: Hats are only for bad hair days.

We’re all guilty of turning to hats as a quick-fix for those days when our hair is just plain unmanageable. But, if you think the best use of your favorite head-wear is simply taming your tresses, let us convince you otherwise! In truth, a hat can make an outfit. Whether it’s a subtle addition that complements the whole look, or a bold statement piece, we believe hats are meant to help you stand out, not hide away!

Rule to break: Sweatshirts should only be worn to the gym.

Dressing up a basic sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt is a fun way to achieve this season’s dressy-meets-casual trend. For a quick and easy take on this look, start by choosing a sweatshirt with a visually interesting feature – try a bold color or unique pattern. Then, select denim or neutral bottoms, keeping in mind that traditional colors and dressy fits will offer a more formal touch. Finally, accessorize! Pick stones and patterns that match the formality of the lower half of your outfit, but use colors that complement the sweatshirt.

Rule to break: Clutches only pair with evening wear.

Clutches are perfect for the girl on the go, no matter the time! And, based on the trends we’re seeing from top brands, this season is full of dressed-down clutch options. Many styles include an optional removable shoulder strap. So, if you’re looking for a compact, convenient way to keep your essentials close throughout the day, a clutch is the answer!

Rule to break: Backpacks are not cool for anything but school.

If your daily responsibilities require a more extensive set of necessities, here’s another non-traditional option to fall back on: a backpack. We know, we know – there’s a high probability you’ve never carried one of these beauties outside of a classroom or college campus, but trust us! These days, it’s easy to find small fashion backpacks intended for daily use rather than school books. With stylish designs, loads of toting space, and carrying comfort these are a must on our list.
What do you think? Are there any other clothing items or accessories that have been unfairly assigned to a niche time or activity? Help us bring them out of the shadows!

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