Buckle Goes Plaid

Plaid. A print that can easily be argued as the best around. Here’s why:

1. Adored by history since the early Scotts, and favored by just about every 90’s clique…it’s classic. Standing the test of time, it’s a fighter, and we respect that.

2. Every print has a vibe. Don’t get plaid wrong. It’s laid-back. Some might even call it chill, but plaid is never shy of a good time. It’s all the hype and zero fuss.

3. While there might be “recommended” seasons to wear plaid, it is always acceptable. And we mean, always. This brings us to our next point.

4. Since it’s going to take you through every season, you might as well own more than a few. The good news is they come in endless color options. Holla!

5. Plus, plaid comes with all the “button-up” shirt appeal, making it appropriate at many social occasions. You might ask yourself, “Am I dressed up or am I dressed down?” The bottom line is, you look good. Go ahead. Work the room.

6. Finally, plaid serves its purpose. It keeps you warm when you need it, and doesn’t mind if it hangs around your waist when things heat up. That’s why plaid is the real MVP. Yeah…we said it…Most Valuable Print.

Tell us why you love your plaid on social media and don’t be afraid to use #PlaidLife and #BuckleGoesPlaid. Shop men’s plaid and women’s plaid to find yours today.

Plaid Trend for Fall


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