Buckle Internships – The Story Inside The Office.

We love what we do, and we love that we get to do it for Buckle. That being said, sometimes coming into a new, fast paced position can be (arguably should be) challenging.

So, we turned to our women’s buying interns to get their take on what it’s really like to work for Buckle – from the interview process to their day-to-day schedules, and of course we talk clothes.

Meet Doris | Buckle Summer Intern 2017

Meet Doris

Hometown: Los Alamos, NM
College: New Mexico State University, Alum.
Title at Buckle: Buying Assistant Intern for Shoes and Tops

What is it like working at Buckle?

Working for Buckle is a wild ride! It’s a fun, fast-paced, innovative environment. I love it because I get to mix my three favorite things everyday which are learning, creativity, and fashion.

Describe your style using emojis.

Let’s talk Buckle employee dress code. What are your office favorites?

Some of my office favorites have been taking a graphic or word tee and dressing it up with a high-waisted jean and an eye-catching trend heel or furry slide!

Advice you’d give someone who wants to be an intern?

Soak up the experience like a sponge, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, and most importantly – HAVE FUN!

You’re planning a vacation with your closest friends. Where are you headed?

My friends and I would take a road trip to experience and hike some National Parks including Glacier, the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Yellowstone.

Doris | Buckle Summer Intern 2017Meet McKenzey | Buckle Summer Intern 2017

Meet McKenzey

Hometown: Richfield, Kansas
College: Kansas State University
Title at Buckle: Denim Graphic Design Intern

Tell us a little about your day-to-day job duties.

Every day is a little different which is what I love about this job. I usually get to work and check emails. Then get started on designing pockets for BKE and Daytrip. I go through selling screens to see what styles are selling well and which are not. I also create a lot of product center posts for the stores to use as teammate education. I help spec denim for fits and attend Daytrip fits and wash approvals. I get to do a lot of research for trends and inspiration which means lots of Pinterest time.  Some days, we have brainstorm sessions and a private label touch base to go over what we have on order. I created trends and branded denim slides for the manager meetings fashion show this June. And always coffee, lots of coffee!

Describe your style using emojis.

What did you wear to your Buckle internship interview?

I wore a slouchy Coco Jaimeson sweater with a black bralette, and destructed Flying Monkeys.

If you had to sum up your experience in three words, what would they be?

Creative. Adaptable. Passionate.

What’s in your Buckle cart?

Naughty Monkey beaded mule loafers, Mi.IM Freya Shoe, Jessica Simpson Cutout heels, the anniversary floral Gimmicks Bomber, fish net socks, and the Steve Madden fur loafers. I’m kind of on a shoe kick right now if you can’t tell.

Fashion is a form art. Favorite artists, musicians, writers? What inspires you?

  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • Jodi Picoult
  • Seriously all music, including Disney
  • James Arthur
  • 90’s alternative
  • Art Deco
  • Abstract art
  • Street art

I’m really inspired by the outdoors. There are so many pretty things out there if you just take the time to look!

McKenzey | Summer Intern 2017Meet McKenna | Buckle Summer Intern 2017

Meet McKenna

Hometown: Vale, Oregon
College: Boise State University (Go Broncos)
Title at Buckle: Women’s Accessory and Tops Buying Intern

How does your day start and how does it end at Buckle?

Every day at Buckle is similar, yet oh-so different. Each morning begins with checking email and following up on loose ends, whether it’s making order changes, answering vendor questions, or working on team projects. Then, every morning at 11 we have an accessory touch-base where we discuss any hot topics relating to our vendors, new products, current trends and products for development and sales. After lunch, I transition over into tops and spec any branded fit samples that we may have had that day from Billabong, Amuse, Lucky Brand, etc. At two we have fits, where we see that day’s samples on a model and make our fit comments that I then will send to the vendor. At three we do accessory approvals, where we look at more samples that have arrived and make changes or approve the product as-is. After I send approval comments on jewelry, most days wrap up by finishing purchase orders, and following up on accumulated emails from throughout the day!

Using emojis, what’s your style?

Nerd FaceCall Me Hand: Medium-Light Skin ToneEvergreen TreeSunflowerFace With Tears of JoyPerson Shrugging: Medium-Light Skin Tone

Favorite memory in the office. Name it.

Right when I arrived for my internship we were in the middle of doing our leather bag style-out for September and October. I remember going through mountains of amazing leather bags, picking out my favorites and brainstorming with the team which we wanted to buy, changes we wanted to make, and products that we wanted to develop from. My mind was completely blown during that style out when I realized that a profession that pays you to shop, be creative, and have fun actually exists.

(And my parents said my shopping addiction would never get me anywhere…)

If you had to give a Buckle internship review, what would it say?

Honestly, this internship has proven to be one of the most beneficial and enjoyable experiences of my life. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in the world of marketing, business, fashion, or design, to consider pursing an opportunity with the Women’s Buying team. The individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with are innovative, inspiring, kind, and create an environment where you are commended for your authenticity and uniqueness. Working with Buckle’s Women’s Buying Team has provided me with so many opportunities to grow, and to learn about the world of retail and myself. 10/10 recommend.

You can go to any music festival. Which one is it?

Coachella. Definitely a predictable answer, but besides the enticement of huge headliners is the incredible fashion associated with the festival that I’d love to see.

McKenna | Buckle Summer Intern 2017

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