Buckle Teammate Rewards Military Wife With Shopping Spree

We think our teammates are pretty awesome. Not just because of the way they get behind our product, but because of the way they stand behind people and use their passions to help others. It’s more than just selling clothes, it’s the power of a great outfit.

Our teammate, Jodi Clark, at the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado, lives her passion for helping people in and out of the store. When she’s not working at Buckle, she’s working with her husband, Weston, to reward unsung heroes by giving them the adventure of a lifetime.

Jodi and Weston Clark with country singer Rodney Atkins on their TV show The Experience.
Jodi and Weston Clark with country singer Rodney Atkins on their TV show The Experience.

On their TV show The Experience, Jodi and Weston feature powerful stories of men and women who have made great sacrifices in their lives to make a difference in the lives of others. With the help of celebrities and loved ones, the hero chosen for the show is rewarded with an incredible outdoor hunting experience with Weston, an expert hunting guide.

This season, Jodi and Weston decided to give the hunt of a lifetime to retired U.S. Army sniper, Mathew Murman. With the help of country singer, Rodney Atkins, Jodi and Weston surprised Matt and his wife, Jacqueline, on stage at his concert in Colorado with a dream elk hunt and Buckle shopping spree to thank Matt for his service.

Matt enlisted in the National Guard in 2005 as a combat engineer and went into active duty in 2008 – changing his military occupational specialty to infantry. By 2012, Matt and his team were selected as the primary sniper team for his task force in Afghanistan. During this time, Matt married Jacqueline and had two children Lydia and Judah in the years to follow.

Buckle Gives Back to Military Wife on The Experience
Jodi and Weston Clark (left couple) surprise Jacqueline and Matt Murman (right couple) with the experience of a lifetime at a Rodney Atkins concert.

In 2013, Matt was involved in a nearly fatal firefight when his team was ambushed and all members of his team were injured. He ended his tenure in the army and transitioned to being a civilian in November of 2014.

Following his tour of duty, Matt and Jacqueline had two more children, Chloe and Levi, and started to get back to a normal routine as a family. However, tragedy struck again when the Murman’s house caught on fire in August of 2018. The Murman’s had just left when the house was engulfed in flames and everything they owned was destroyed right in front of them.

After a friend of the Murmans wrote into The Experience, Jodi and Weston knew these were the heroes that they wanted to reward on their TV show; and not just with a hunt for Matt, but with a shopping spree for his wife Jacqueline as well.

The Experience filming Jacqueline’s shopping spree at Buckle.

“We decided to reward Jacqueline with a shopping spree because shopping is a passion of mine. I work for Buckle part-time and I love helping women feel beautiful. We knew that because of the fire, there was a need for clothing and we thought it would be a great way to incorporate her on our TV show,” explained Jodi.

With the help of Buckle Manager, Cierra, Jodi spent over three hours with Jacqueline – helping her find her own style and teaching her how to layer and pair clothing.

Jodi, Jacqueline, and Cierra

“She wasn’t able to tell us what her style was because she had only ever worn her mom’s hand-me-downs and her husband’s clothes. This actually was the second time she had ever been shopping for herself!” said Jodi.

Jacqueline walked away with more than just a wardrobe she was excited to show off, she gained a new-found confidence giving her the fresh start she deserved.

“I don’t know how to express how thankful I am. I never realized until now just how much I hated doing things because I had nothing to wear. I love going places now and talking to anyone…this has seriously changed my life!” exclaimed Jacqueline.

Buckle gives back to military wife

“This experience was really special for everyone involved! Cierra is an amazing woman and manager at Buckle! Jacqueline was a perfect candidate and so appreciative. I wish you could feel the emotions that were running through us that day,” remarked Jodi.

Matt and Jacqueline’s story will be shared on The Experience on Discovery channel in a two-part series airing February 24 and March 3 at 7 a.m. CST.

Buckle salutes our military and shows our appreciation for their service by offering a 10% military discount that’s available 365 days a year to all active duty and veteran military members, spouses, and dependents. Learn more.

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