Buckle Top Five: Ways to Wear a Belt

It’s no secret that here at Buckle we’re all about accessories, but we must admit that our love for belts is on a level all its own. While some people merely appreciate belts for their utility, we adore the way they can completely alter an outfit. In honor of our obsession, we’re buckling down our top five favorite ways to wear this versatile accessory.

#1: Skinny belt with a shirt rolled over

When you’re looking to make the most of multiple layers, this belt style is a great strategy. Simply roll one side of your top layer into a skinny belt worn across the lower waist. You’ll reveal more of your foundation layer and add dimension to your outfit.

#2: Neutral belt with an empire waist dress
To maximize the effect of an empire waist dress, use a neutral belt to break up the fitted top and flowing skirt. Worn at the smallest part of your waist, the belt will accentuate your figure and add visual interest without drawing too much attention away from the dress itself.
#3: Statement belt over a shirt
Some belts were just meant to shine, so when you’ve got one you really love, don’t be afraid to make it the star of your outfit! Keep it front and center by wearing it over your top layer and low on your waist.
#4: Skinny belt with a shirt tucked-in at the front
Traditional? Yes. But impactful none the less! A skinny belt worn through the loops of shorts or jeans is an easy way to give some extra life to an otherwise basic outfit. Simply tuck in the front of your top to add shape and show off the buckle.
#5: Studded belt for an edgy look

We understand, sometimes you just have to let your inner rocker out! To create a look that carries some major punch, choose a studded belt to pair with other edgy accessories. Play with different amounts of leather and metal accents to adjust the intensity to fit your personal preference.

And there you have it! Now that you’ve seen our top five, we’d love to see yours! Share your comments and pictures below to show us how you’re rocking your favorite belt styles.

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