Creative Ways to Sport Your Team Colors

Looking to stand out from the crowd on game day? Then it’s time to get creative with your closet. Ditch the traditional team tee and build a spirited look that lets your school colors take the field in unexpected ways. Whether you’re partial to blue, black, red, purple, or gold, here are a few tips to put your gameday style on offense.

We recommend centering your game-plan around a solid layering strategy. Start with your main colors as a base, and add secondary colors through details and accessories.

Don’t let patterns intimidate you. In fact, you’ll get extra yards out of a piece that features multiple colors.

Colored denim is an easy win. Use it to boast school spirit and make a powerful statement.

Most importantly, don’t forget to let your personal style shine through. You’ll feel more confident in a look that’s true to you!

Before you hit the tailgates, share your personal game-day style with us below.

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