Cue the Confidence: A Guide to Transitional Dressing

As the holidays come to a close, focus shifts to bringing in a new year. One with maybe a little more of an optimistic outlook. A new year with a few less worries, maybe a little more time spent on ourselves, and of new opportunities to breath life in just a bit fuller.

It’s a chance to step forward with a bit more confidence as the slate is (metaphorically, of course) wiped clean. Which is where we come in. Consider us that confidence support system – the hype person who has your back even when they arguably shouldn’t. We got you – and more importantly you got you.

So as we are taking that new energy and channeling it into the year ahead, we thought a new look or two may serve as that cherry on top. (especially since we heard you have a few gift cards hanging out in your wallet)

Whether staying in winter mode, or dialing it up full spring, these looks are how we are transitioning from true holiday wear to something, well, something that’s trending warmer.

Sweater Weather, Cont.

Sweater weather is something we are all guilty of rushing into maybe a little too full force come September, but by January we are starting to feel the effects of it drawing out just a beat too long. We have a bit of a solution for that.

It comes down to balancing textures and color ways to keep your sweater rotation feeling fresh as we slowly ease back into that warmer weather. We love the above option for it’s slightly open knit structure and then the added color block has us day dreaming of those light-layer appropriate days. Until we’re there, though, we’d suggest adding a jacket (you may have noticed).

We are already getting the itch to ditch the neutrals and go full spring colors mode – but with the off chance that there could still be a freeze or two ahead of us, we thought showing an outfit that does a little of it all. First, start with a lighter layer that compliments you and that confidence you’re bringing into the new year. Add a little oomph with accessories and booties that you are (definitely) going to be asked about the second you wear them out.

Close up on the jean, because, well, Buckle Black is honestly a force to be reckoned with and we know you will love her just as much as we do. Styled for life, featuring Buckle Contour (shaping and smoothing pockets that will make you feel like a million bucks) Buckle Black is one to keep your eyes on.

Now, for the jacket. We told you that we wouldn’t let you freeze. The perfect mix of coat and cardigan with that pop of color you’ve been after. You’re welcome (;

Not So Warm, Layer

The neutral, heavy layer fatigue is not unique to our ladies, though, so fellas, let’s lighten you up a bit. We aren’t going to push you too far outside of your comfort zone, but rather, suggest a slight update to those tried and trues that you can’t seem to get enough of. Breathe new life into your hoodie collection with a little color overhaul.

Stepping into the new year has never looked so, well, you. Hey Dude is bringing new patterns and color ways with them into 2022 and we think you’re going to love where they are headed.

Now, about that plaid and denim combo – just genuinely think lighter. Maybe picking up a lighter weight plaid to swap in for that flannel you’ve been wearing on repeat, or adding a little destruction and lighter wash in the mix of those dark wash, clean jeans you know are mom’s favorite.

There is no denying that there has been an immense amount of happenings over the past 24 months. So, as we ease ourselves into a new year, let’s set our sights on new (and some best in fit) and cue the confidence the only way we know how – but being true to ourselves and taking it one day at a time.

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