D.I.Y. Friday: Dreamcatcher

We’re at it again, it’s another D.I.Y. Friday! One of our stylists was out browsing the worldwide web and came across this dreamcatcher project and felt she just HAD to recreate it! There are a few steps involved, but as you can see, the end results were WELL worth it (and her adorable 6 yr. old thinks so too!). Read on to see how to make your dreams come true!

Start with hoops made of wood or metal. Wrap them with yarn
or paint them to add some color. Find an old doily to use
for the center of your dreamcatcher. Don’t worry if it is
too small just place it in the center and use yarn to stretch
it wrapping around the edges.
Round up lots of beads – from bright plastics to wood.
We used a variety of colors! You can make it colorful
or stick to a color scheme.
Same goes for the yarn. We went for all the colors!
Also buy some small rings (key rings work)  and wrap them
with yarn, add beads and use these on the bottom. Mix
in with the bead chains.
Buy or gather some interesting charms and tie them into
the doily using small pieces of yarn making patterns as you go.
Now go for it! String the yarn with beads, tying knots to
hold the beads in place. Tie in your mini rings and feathers.
Use as many strings as you want here, even mix in ribbon,
braided pieces, or whatever you fancy.
Tie the bead chain to the bottom of the dreamcatcher.
We braided yarn and added a cluster of feathers to the top
and it is ready to hang!

Have fun creating your own dreamcatchers and please share pictures of your amazing creations with us!!


  • Anonymous

    What a great idea! It looks fun and doable for an amateur do-it-yourselfer like me! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I love this! I think I'll have to try this project myself soon. Thanks for the idea!

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