D.I.Y. – Your Space Upgraded!

With the school year back in full swing – and maybe you weren’t QUITE ready for that to happen – we thought we could DIY some excitement into your daily grind. Check out a few of the fun ideas we’ve put together for school, work or play! 

Wrapped Pencils
Grab some pencils and pens, and your favorite colors of yarn and start wrapping! Wrap different sections using a variety of colors to create a color blocked effect. We even included feathers, so feel free to get as creative as you’d like.
Stitched Pencil Holder

Using the same yarn, weave it through a wire-mesh pencil holder for some added color. Try zig-zag and criss-cross pattern, and other line techniques to create your own Southwest-inspired design.
Mood Board with Pom-Pom Tacks
Mood boards are a great way to surround yourself with inspiration! We love creating and personalizing these. Yarn pom-poms are a fun way to add some color and dimension to your board! 

To create the pom-pom tacks, begin by wrapping the yarn around two of your fingers, approximately 25 times (more if you would like to make a larger pom-pom). Wrap a second smaller piece of yarn through your fingers (creating a figure ‘8’). 

Next, carefully remove the yarn from your fingers while maintaining the figure ‘8’ shape. Wrap the second string around the center a few more times, and pull tight to tie a knot. 

Then, carefully cut the top and bottom loops in the center, trim into a ball shape, and separate the strands to create the pom-pom. 

Once you have all the pom- poms created, use a straight pin to push through the center. Your pom-pom tacks are now ready to use! 

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