Denim for EveryBODY

When you think “Buckle,” what comes to mind? Clothes? Shoes? A seat belt? How about one of our favorite things, DENIM?

We’re proud to claim the reputation of America’s favorite denim destination. It’s in our genes (pun intended). Why do we love jeans? Aside from comfort, style, and function, jeans look good on everyone. You just have to find the right fit.

Live from Manager Meetings, we put this theory to the test. Is there a fit for everyone? Every body type? Every style?

Lanny here. Last week, Tammy and I spent a day crashing the Manager Meeting party. And by “crashing,” I mean “taking pictures and interviewing amazing people who happen to be Buckle store managers.” Not only do these managers pull off their own, unique vibe, they are hilarious. We discussed style, denim fits, and weird facts. Check it out.

Body Type: Slim

Buckle Denim Abby

In the chaos of Manager Meetings, Abby’s laid-back spirit was a breath of fresh air. She’s got that go-with-the-flow charm we all envy.

Describe your style in three words. Boho. Chic. Yeah. (Laughs.)

What’s your favorite denim fit? Slim fit, low rise for sure. I wear Flying Monkey, BKE, and Big Stars all the time. There’s just something about the slim leg paired with an over-sized top. I just can’t get away from it. My body shape loves this look. Not to mention, it’s comfy and easy.

Tell us a crazy Abby fact. When I was 13, I won a singing contest at King’s Island.

Body Type: Tall

Buckle Denim Nikki

Nikki is one of the most down to earth individuals I’ve met. Granted, we sat down for all of about ten minutes. But, it doesn’t take an expert to recognize her positive attitude casually radiating from her style and smile.

How tall are you? 6 foot without shoes and 6’3” with wedges.

What’s your favorite denim fit? KanCan is my new favorite. Since I have larger legs and calves, it’s hard to wear slimmer-legged skinnies. KanCans have great stretchability to them. Is stretchability a word? Ha!

How would you describe your style? Super simple. High-waisted jeans, a thin belt, and longer cardigans, like kimonos, are my absolute favorite.

Tell us a crazy fact about yourself. Before I started at Buckle in 2004, I traveled with a theatrical group as a singer for two years.

Body Type: Curvy

Buckle Denim Marylee

Marylee is like a light bulb. She immediately brightens up the space with her personality. She’s one of those people who’s just easy to be around. She’s her. No way around it. Take it or leave it.

Describe your style. My style is a lifestyle. And my lifestyle is fun. I mean, if you’re not having a good time every day, what’s the point? I layer random things. Try new things. I don’t know! I just kinda wear whatever I want!

What’s your favorite denim fit? I love the flare. It has a nice, fitted look at the top. Then, some personality at the bottom. I usually wear a wedge or heal, so I don’t walk all over them. Also, I wear a lot of long jewelry with my flares, instead of a statement necklace. 

Give us a fun fact. I love laughing.

Body Type: Petite

Buckle Denim Casey

Things that don’t usually go together: shy-ish, funny, quiet, outgoing. All things that describe what makes Casey so interesting. She’s terse. But in a clever kind of way.

How tall are you? 4’11” on a good day (laughs).

How would you describe your style? I’d say along the lines of boho, vintage, maybe retro?

What’s your favorite denim? Big Star Bootcuts because a bootcut goes with everything. What more can a girl ask for? If it goes with everything, it’s a winner. No doubts about that. 

What are your favorite brands? We’re carrying a new brand called Amuse Society. I really dig everything they’re about. I like Obey. Oh! And of course, Gimmicks.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I just got engaged!

Body Type: Straight

Buckle Denim Jessie

This Florida gal is a day-maker. You know, the type of person who makes someone’s day by delivering unpredictable compliments. She’s delightfully corky. Just by asking her a few questions, I quickly realized her unexpected nature.

What’s your go-to style? Hmmm.. Eclectic, boho, rocker. Always layered. I mix and match from every “group” of looks. I can’t be TOO anything. My closet is full of surprises!

How about your go-to denim? Big Stars, specifically the Jenae fit. I’m wearing the BKE Addison right now, and I love these, too. For today, I wanted something skinny at the bottom to show off these sweet straps on my shoes. 

Fun fact about Jessie. Go. I have a psychology degree, and I’m really obsessed with the Atlanta Aquarium.  

Tall, petite, curvy, and everything in between – we found no evidence to disprove our denim theory. Find your fit. It’s out there, and you’ll feel like a new person once you discover it. Stop in for a personal get fitted appointment at your local Buckle store to experience what the right pair of jeans can do for you.

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